Psychotherapy & Facilitation

For Individuals, Relationships and Groups






I offer:


  • Psychotherapy in a creative and supportive environment

  • Facilitation & Workshops (NHS, Community Groups, Universities)

  • Research in Embodiment, Leadership & Wellbeing

  • Classes & Talks in London and internationally


Taking a step towards change might seem difficult. Don’t feel you need to stay alone. Contact me with any questions.

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough.
His approach is grounded on genuine care and generousity, guided by curiosity, respect, and openness and the ability to weave multiple modalities and paradigms with fluidity and ease.

– N

Mark has a very playful and dynamic way of leading me through the many voices of my psyche.
By the end, I felt empowered and connected with my self leadership.

– Haneen

In a short amount of time I could sense my awareness and clarity growing: the strength of my voice was gradually amplified and my inner resources were strengthened and expanded.

Anonymous 14th Sept 2020
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Find out about my upcoming classes, workshops and talks . From weekly classes, to current research.

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An empathetic, non-judgemental and creative space to address long held patterns . Make sense of of disturbing and difficult experiences.

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Collective reflection & open group processes that allow all voices, conscious or unconscious, to be brought to awareness

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What to Expect


I’m a registered Psychotherapist in the UK. My approach is based on Process Oriented Psychology, my clinical practice in the NHS and my studies and research into Embodiment and Wellbeing. Individual Sessions will be an hour long and responsive to what is important to you. You can expect a safe, non-judgemental, empathetic and creative environment. Sessions can be talking based, as with many other therapies, but might also include working with a dream, a body symptom, movement, role play, voice work or drawing, if that feels right for you. All session will look at unfolding the creative pattern that underlie often seemingly disturbing, chaotic or painful experiences.

Therapy can be long or short term, there is no prescribed time frames. I usually ask people to come for a reduced rate one-off session and if it feels right for both of us we can then agree on a number of sessions. This can then be regularly reviewed, with an agreed closing session.


From our work together you can expect to:

  • Uncover patterns that are holding you back

  • Gain Peace of Mind, Freedom and Respect

  • Process and find purpose in your pain

  • Find meaning and insights

  • Identify changes to be made

  • Clarify hopes, goals and aspirations

  • Feel Connectedness and Purpose


Fees are a sliding scale of £40-60, depending on your income, and agreed upon after your initial reduced rate session.


About  Me


I am a registered Psychotherapist (UKCP) and Somatic Movement Therapist.


Besides practising psychotherapy I work as mental health social worker, offer workshops and talks and teach Embodiment, Somatics classes, for example through Embody-Move UK. I also offer indivdual hands on sessions, being qualified as a Practitioner and Teacher in Body-Mind Centering(tm).


I have an MA in Community Arts and have performed in and designed performance projects, including participatory video projects and community performances. I have performed in England, Scotland, the US and have run workshops in Palestine. As a facilitator I have experience of large group facilitation through consensus models and more recently through Process Oriented Psychology.


I am passionate about what I do and offer a creative, personal, humorous and empathic approach to my practice. With a blend of embodied knowledge, clinical practice and open mindedness and curiosity.


Curious? Or got a question? Send me a mail. You won’t be added to any e-mail lists.