“The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand: if you want to see how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand.”                                                                          — Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen



What is Embodiment?


The term usually refers to practices that focus on your own subjective and sensory experiences. It works from the recognition that you body and mind are not separate. Embodiment is currently a strong influence in the fields of Psychology, Cognition, Leadership, Conflict Work and Trauma Work to name a few.


I explore embodiment through Body-Mind Centering(tm), Contact Improvisation, Process Work and number of other awareness and performance practices. I do offer individual body work and somatic movement education session. Contact me for details.


Body-Mind Centering™An Embodied Approach to Movement, Body and Consciousness


BMC is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles, utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind. Its uniqueness lies in the specificity with which each of the body systems can be personally embodied and integrated, the fundamental groundwork of developmental repatterning, and the utilization of a body-based language to describe movement and body-mind relationships. You can learn more here.


For individual somatic movement education sessions lasting an hour please contact me.


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