Hopefully the information here will shine some light on what to expect from therapy and help you to take this exciting and life changing step.


I do encourage you to contact me with questions, or to book an initial trial session to find out if it is something that will work for both of us. In the end our relationship will be the most crucial part of successful therapy. If you don’t feel my profound regard and respect for who you are, our sessions are unlikely to be of benefit.


My approach is based on Process Oriented Psychology. Sessions will be flexible and responsive to what is important to you. You can expect a safe, non-judgemental, empathetic and creative environment. A lot of it can be talking based, as with many other therapies, but it might also include working with a dream, a body symptom, movement, role play, voice work or drawing. Or it might not, depending on what feels right for you. All session will look at unfolding the creative pattern that underlie often seemingly disturbing, chaotic or painful experiences.


Time Frames

It all comes down to us and what feels right for us. Sessions are an hour long and Therapy can be long or short term, there is no prescribed time frames. I usually ask people to come for one trial session and if want we can then agree on a certain amount of sessions. And it is good to have a closing session.


I bring not only my psychotherapy skills, but also my knowledge as a mental health social worker and somatics teacher into sessions. My experience includes working with anxiety, depression, trauma, psychosis, bereavement, abuse, internalised oppression and psychosomatic illnesses.


I offer an anti-oppressive practice that is pro-actively open to diversity, which includes challenging my own conceptions and norms.


From our work together you can expect to:


  • Uncover patterns that are holding you back
  • Gain Peace of Mind, Freedom and Respect
  • Process and find purpose in your pain
  • Find meaning and insights
  • Identify changes to be made
  • Clarify hopes, goals and aspirations
  • Feel Connectedness and Purpose


My practice is based in Angel, as well as online.



Fees are £65-75 depending on income and frequency.  We can agree a fee after an initial fee consulation, depending on your financial situation. I do offer some discounted sessions, though there is currently a waiting list for this.

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