I regularly teach workshops and give talks on subjects of Mental Health, Wellbeing, Embodiment, Leadership and Diversity. For example at Kings College, NHS and other Institutions. Please contact me to discuss or to book.

I also teach as part of faculty through Embody-Move UK and other BMC schools, the Institut Prozessarbeit and at various international events and workshops.


Please see below for some of the upcoming workshops 

or sign up to my newsletter (very sporadic). Autumn 2023 I am also likely to teach weekly, BMC and Contact Improvisation classes. To be confirmed.




  • 26th June-1st July 2023 – Deep Democracy in Action – Leuther Mühle, Germany
  • 1st-9th August 2023, Nervous System – Movimiento Atlas, Spain
  • 25th-31st August 2023 – Fluid System, Embody Move UK, Wales
  • 17th-19th November 2023, TBC Institut für Prozessarbeit, Germany
  • 13th-20th December 2023, Nervous System, Embody Move UK, London
  • 3rd-12th April 2024 – Muscular System, Embody Move UK
  • 14th-16th April 2024 – Professional Issues, Embody Move UK
  • 1st-10th June 2024 – Skeletal System, Embody Move UK
  • 26th-31st July 2024 – TBC, Institut für Prozessarbeit, Leuther Mühle
  • 3rd-10th August 2024 – Organ System, Embody Move UK
  • 4th-11th December 2024 – Basic Neurocellular Patterns, Embody Move UK
photos by: Michelle Lee Shi Hui
photos by: Michelle Lee Shi Hui