What to expect?

I offer a supportive and creative space to understand and unfold difficult life events, to make sense of long held patterns, to transform and to grow. In the end, what will happen is very much up to what will feel safe and right for both of us. A lot of it can be talking based, as with many other therapies, but it might also include working with a dream, a body symptom, movement, role play, voice work or drawing, if that feels right for you.

Process Oriented Psychology offers the opportunity for an added focus of bringing in an embodied, felt sense of difficulties and insights. In my experience, and research suggests likewise, this embodied awareness greatly helps people in gaining insight and meaning.


Sessions are usually an hour. Therapy can be short term or longer term, usually either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. I usually suggest that we have an initial session trial session, and if it feels right for both of us we agree to a set amount of sessions.


Face to Face sessions are on a sliding scale of £40-60. Online sessions are £35-55. This is depending on what you can afford.

I do offer discounted trial sessions for £15 as I see it as important that people can check out if they want to work together. It seems that too many times people compromise on who they work with. I feel passionately that you should take your time and choose who and what modalities are right for you.

About Me

   I am UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and a registered Somatic Movement Therapist. Besides practicing psychotherapy I work as a mental health social worker in London, teach embodiment, somatics and dance in classes and collaborate in specific projects and institutions (for example as a faculty member in the Institute of Somatics and Social Justice). I offer individual hands on sessions, being qualified as a Practitioner and Teacher in Body-Mind Centering™.

I have an MA in Community Arts, having participated in and designed performance projects, particpatory video projects and community performances. I have performed in England, Scotland and the US and I also have contributed in and run community arts workshops in the UK and the Middle East. As a facilitator I have experience of large group faciliation through consensus models and more recently through Process Oriented Psychology.

I am passionate about what I do and I offer a creative, personal, humorous and empathic approach to my practice. With a blend of embodied knowledge, clinical practice and open mindedness and curiosity.